The Ten Commandments as Descriptions of Faithful Alignment

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Today, I share a different take on the story of Moses receiving the commandments. This is in Exodus chapter 20, verses 1-17.

Traditionally, we hear about the commandments are rules we must follow, or else face punishment. But, what that wasn’t the original intent.

This is a perspective I heard in a podcast as a way to present the commandments with a different tone.

What if rather than rules, the commandments are descriptions of the behaviors that naturally emerge when we are in deep communion with God?

This proposition shifted the way I relate to the commandments.

When we are in sync with God’s will, certain actions become almost automatic. It’s like they flow from our hearts because of our genuine connection with Him. Instead of feeling burdened by the commandments, we can now embrace them as expressions of faithful alignment.

To me, there’s a significant energetic difference between using the commandments as rules versus descriptions of what life becomes when I am in communion with God.

I’ll leave this short and invite you to read the Exodus passage with the different framing and see what comes to mind as you read it. Here are a a couple examples of what I mean:

  • Instead of “You shall not have other gods besides me.” You could read, “Since I’m in full alignment with God’s plan for me, I have no other gods but Him.
  • Instead of “You shall not steal.” You could read, “Since I’m in full alignment with God, I do not steal.”

In peace,


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