The seeking catholic

A curious exploration for the spiritual truths that lie beyond humanity’s religious practices

What is the seeking catholic?

It’s no surprise that the culture you were raised in has a strong correlation to what you believe about the human experience.

I was raised in a catholic family of Chinese descent. Talking about God and spiritual experiences was normal.

Most people get used to religious practices without ever questioning the reason behind things. In a way, they are like sheep following their pastor.

I’m not like most people; I challenge the status quo.

This space is for those who seek to go beyond the habitual practices and make a conscious decision on what they believe and why.

The Seeking Catholic is my way to share what I believe and how I reason about it not to persuade you but to challenge you and me to go beyond the prescriptions of religious concepts and enter the realm of describing the way things are.

It’s a conversation not a debate

I’m sick and tired of those who decide their faith is the absolute truth and proceed to “evangelize” by trying to prove everyone else wrong with a “my way or the highway messaging.”

Here are some contextual notes:

  • I share my thinking about the topic as a way to entice conversation
  • I don’t need to be right or have you believe what I believe
  • I welcome other ideas and dialogue
  • Enter the conversation with the intent to understand other views rather than agree or disagree

Let’s get this conversation started. Take me to the articles.

Suggestions or Requests?

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Working in progress ????

I’ll be compiling links to resources related to spiritual development and the materials I read/study here.

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