Welcoming The Hate of The world

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“Do not be amazed, then, brothers and sisters, if the world hates you.” ~ 1 Jn 3:13

In a world where political correctness often overshadows genuine beliefs, I can find myself navigating a faith-lite environment. A space where we claim certain beliefs but hesitate to express or live them fully due to the fear of offending, being excluded, or constant debating.

I acknowledge instances where I’ve felt the pressure to keep my faith private to avoid conflict or being perceived as judgmental.

John’s reading poses a fundamental questions:

  • Am I willing to be hated for what I believe?
  • How certain am I that what I believe in is the truth?
  • I’m willing to go through this sacrifice or pain of being excluded and classified as something that damages my reputation?

Being a disciple of Jesus comes with rules and expectations in addition to sharing God’s Word. It requires a commitment to follow the laws of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t help by pushing the idea that our worth and belonging depends on external things that boost the ego.

The struggle is real. 😉

I end the posing three (3) questions summarizing the week’s theme.

  1. Hatred: Consider your readiness to face disapproval for your beliefs. How willing are you to endure potential backlash or negative perceptions?
  2. Certainty: Reflect on the certainty of your beliefs. How convinced are you that what you believe is the absolute truth?
  3. Integrity: Evaluate your actions. Do they serve as an example of what you claim to believe?

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