The Three Shades of Character in Our Spiritual Jo

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“The soldiers took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story has circulated among the Jews to the present day.” ~ Mt 28:15

Today, I take the liberty of an artistic license and invite you to ponder with me the Gospel of Matthew 28:8-15, with an unconventional lens.

The Three Character Shades Within Us

In my this story, I see three distinct characters: Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, the guards, and the chief priests. Each plays a role in the narrative’s unfolding, but today, I ask, “Where do we see ourselves in these characters?”

#1 – The Marys: Joy and Obedience in the Midst of Fear

First, we have the women, brimming with a fear-tinged joy, eager to spread the incredible news of the resurrection. Their response to the missing body and then encountering Jesus is a complex tapestry of emotions. Yet, in spite of it all, they obediently and joyfully go and share the good news.

They embody the spirit of sharing transformative news, even when the path is fraught with uncertainty.

In our own spiritual journeys, where do we find ourselves echoing their footsteps? Are there moments when, despite fear, we feel compelled to share our joy, our discoveries, and our revelations about the divine?

#2 – The Guards: Fear and Rationalization

Next, consider the guards, waking to a reality they cannot comprehend and fearing for their lives they go to the chief priests for counsel.

Their story prompts us to reflect on instances where we’ve encountered truths so profound they terrify us. How often have we sought counsel, only to embrace rationalizations that comfort rather than challenge us?

The guards’ decision to spread a fabricated tale in exchange for safety invites us to consider where we might be silencing our own truths out of fear and allowing other people to dictate our lives.

#3 – The Chief Priests: Crafting Narratives for Self-Preservation

The chief priests represent a different kind of evasion. Confronted with a truth that threatens their worldview, they choose to weave a narrative that maintains their status quo.

This mirrors the moments in our lives when we are tempted to deny or distort truths to protect our egos, our reputations, or our preconceived notions. Where might we be engaging in self-deception or even deceiving others to avoid confronting uncomfortable truths?

The Dichotomy of Choice

The contrast between the women’s and the guards’ responses to the circumstances illuminates a profound choice that faces us all: in the presence of fear and the unknown, will we choose to spread light and truth, or will we retreat into the shadows of falsehoods?

As the day goes by, I invite you to join me to ponder:

  • Where do I find myself in this narrative?
  • In which moments do I choose joy and truth over fear and rationalization?

This exploration is not about judgment but about understanding, growth, and recognizing the diverse ways we navigate our faith and the choices that shape our paths.

I welcome your thoughts, experiences, reflections and how it resonates with your faith journey.

In peace,


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