A Simple Requirement for God to Show Up In Your Life

Friday, October 8th, 2021

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But he knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste and house will fall against house.” ~Lk 11:17

I like to take this verse and explore its meaning when I take the place of the kingdom.

My kingdom is composed of body, mind, and soul. When the three are aligned, God can do his work. When they aren’t in sync, “chaos” can happen.

There are days when I wake up feeling like a ticking time bomb. Anything can be a trigger. And everything entering my space is a bother.

Those are days where not many people like me.

Those were the days that gave me a bad reputation at work which, ultimately, got me fired twice ????

I could come up with many explanations as to why my behavior was proper but the truth is that 99% of it came from my kingdom being divided.

What I have identified is that whenever I am having one of those days is because of the accumulation of unconscious negative energy building up from me choosing to ignore doing what I am meant to do.

  • Agreeing to attend an activity I didn’t want to go to.
  • Ignoring projects that allow me to use my strengths in exchange for entertainment
  • Hanging out with people that don’t value the same things I do just to be nice and social
  • Setting aside pursuing something I enjoy because of what others may think
  • Pursuing a career that doesn’t fit just because “you have to find a financially secured job”

The more I chose to do something else than what I truly want, the more I say “no” to myself and the more negative energy builds up, until the day it all comes to the surface.

“A kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste…”

Today, I ask God for clarity of where I am out of alignment so that I can find harmony once more.

In peace,


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