A Journey from Self-Reliance to Divine Collaboration

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“Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures.” ~ Lk 24:45

Today’s gospel shares Luke’s account of Jesus’ final teaching to his disciples and illuminating their understanding of the scriptures. This narrative not only highlights a miraculous encounter but also delves into the profound realization of divine intervention in our comprehension and spiritual journey.

The Surprise of Divine Promises

In this account, the disciples’ initial doubt and surprise at Jesus’ appearance post-resurrection calls me to wonder: Why am I astonished when divine promises manifest in my life? Why am I surprised when promises that I hear God made to His people actually happen to me?

Jesus appears to his disciples and they are surprised, confused, and doubt his presence. Jesus is forced to prove to them he has a body and isn’t a ghost. He then proceeds to open their minds and impart his last teaching of the scriptures.

Self-Reliance vs. Divine Collaboration

I think the surprise comes from trying to understand all of this matters of faith by myself. I’m not asking Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit or the saints in heaven to open my mind so I can see what I need to see and understand the truth about being Jesus’ disciple.

I get caught up in the idea that I am the one that has to make everything happen, as opposed to being the channel and the vehicle through which God makes things possible.

A Call to Co-Creation

Jesus’ act of opening the disciples’ minds so they could understand the scriptures is a reminder that not everything is up to us and it is okay to ask for divine help. If the apostles needed the Holy Spirit to interpret The Word who am I to think I can do it alone?

I can always ask for help, inspiration, clarity to see and understand what is true versus what I want to believe is true or what other people say is true.

I end with a few reflective questions:

  • How can we be more open to divine guidance in my daily life?
  • In what ways can I move from self-reliance to co-creation with God?
  • What would my life look like if I partnered with God in my approach to life?

May we seek and welcome the guidance needed to navigate this spiritual journey with grace and wisdom.

In peace,


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